Convert Your IRA to a Roth IRA on a Market Dip

Today, Bruce Hosler of Hosler Wealth Management talks about converting your IRA into a Roth IRA, and why a market dip is a good time to do so.

First, Bruce and Jon go over requirements for these conversions, such as deadlines and how required minimum distributions, or RMD's, come into play. 

When markets are down, stocks and taxes are "on sale." They are often below fair value. So a conversion in a down market means paying taxes on the lower value, then watching the value come back tax free if and when the investments rebound.

We also talk about "In Kind" Roth conversions - moving a stock into a Roth without selling it. Or, you can sell something in your current IRA, move the cash into a Roth, then buy something different.

Finally Bruce explains the benefits of leaving a Roth IRA to your heirs, as well as what they need to do with that money and when.

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